BBC Wildlife Specials

On 02/23/2011, in Biology, by wouter

The BBC Wildlife Specials are a series of nature documentary programmes commissioned by BBC Television. The Wildlife Specials began with a pilot episode in 1995. A further 15 programmes were made over the next decade, and more recently the format has been expanded into two short series. The earlier programmes were produced in-house by the […]


The Day the Universe changed

On 02/09/2011, in History, Philosophy, Technology R&D, by wouter

(subtitled “A Personal View by James Burke”) is a British documentary television series written and presented by science historian James Burke, originally broadcast in 1985 by the BBC. The series’ primary focus is on the effect of advances in science and technology on western philosophy. The title comes from the philosophical idea that the universe […]


The Tribal eye

On 02/08/2011, in History, Mythology, Philosophy, by wouter

The Tribal Eye is a seven-part BBC documentary series on the subject of Tribal art, written and presented by David Attenborough. It was first transmitted in 1975. Episodes 1. “Behind the Mask” This episode centers on the life and customs of the Dogon people in Mali, concentrating primarily on their masks and mask rituals. After […]


e2 Design

On 02/07/2011, in Energy & Environment, by thomas

e2 design is an eighteen part documentary-style television series investigating sustainable living and green design from New York City to rural Mexico. It is a part of the larger series e2: the economies of being environmentally conscious, which explore the solutions to prescient environmental challenges. Comprising eighteen half-hour episodes, the series covers topics including design, […]

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TheEYE, Anish Kapoor

On 02/04/2011, in Art and artists, by arnout

In 2002 british artist Anish Kapoor was commisioned to make a piece in the Tate Modern in London. The enormous sculpture Marsyas is being discussed in an interview with the artist. Anish Kapoor is renowned for his enigmatic sculptural forms that permeate physical and psychological space. Kapoor’s inventiveness and versatility have resulted in works ranging […]

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The Power of Art: Rembrandt

On 02/02/2011, in Art and artists, by admin

Historian Simon Schama reviews the live and work of Rembrandt van Rijn. He starts questioning how come that one of the best painters ever ended up cutting his masterpiece to six pieces as a poor man. Rembrandt, born in Leiden, moved to Amsterdam to work for the nouveau riche of his age. He got along […]

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