About us

Our mission

The CMPLX.org intends to be a community and network of curious people that share knowledge and information through an interactive platform. We aim to collect and share relevant and insightful documentary films, lectures, books, podcasts and the like and give it a dynamic order of some sort. 

CMPLX.org attempts to transform that information into smaller and more accessible frameworks of data. It’s our aim to promote critical thinking and co-create greater social-political awareness among a broader audience. Therefore we do not only provide information with some factual record or report but also other material that documents some aspect of reality.

By indexing, categorizing and grouping different ideas we hope to build a bird’s eye overview, which we feel is necessary to make the final connections and thus become more aware.

“The power of images”. Even though the shear volume of information might at times be discouraging, the world-wide-web in itself is of course a technological marvel. The possibilities of presenting information in a digital environment seem endless, and finally provide that crucial format to make optimal use of video material.

Because video images make it possible to visualize abstract ideas and show vivid conceptual insight behind otherwise dry theories, it’s a crucial instrument to be used in creating awareness with the right people.

We believe in a progressive world, build on social values with sustainable goals.  However we don’t believe that contemporary society (system) is serving “the people’s” best interests, and that there is a real need for alternative action.

In order for democracy to work, we the people need to be capable of making well informed decisions. Not only when we’re selecting our representatives but also by assessing the urgency of action required for certain social issues.

This website hopes to help you in search of your own truth.


Contact us for more information at info@cmplx.org.