Global Gardener Permaculture with Bill Mollison

On 08/18/2011, in Ecology, Energy & Environment, Permaculture, by thomas

BILL MOLLISON is a practical visionary. For nearly two decades he has traveled the globe spreading the word about permaculture, the method of sustainable agriculture that he devised. Permaculture weaves together microclimate, annual and perennial plants, animals, soils, water management and human needs into intricately connected productive communities. Mollison has proved that even in the […]

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In Grave Danger of Falling Food

On 06/12/2011, in Ecology, Energy & Environment, by wouter

In This introductory video to Permaculture, Bill Mollison, the movements co-founder, takes the viewer through the history and developments of the movement. With startelingly laconic humour adn insight he deconstructs the modern agribusiness and the ‘modern plague’ : manicured ornamental lawns. In this video he offers an antidote, whihc is an anti-dote, which is an […]

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